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Joshua Michael Shelton

Joshua Michael Shelton

I'm Joshua Michael Shelton the owner of  Headshots LA and the only photographer.  This page is all my work. I began taking headshots 16 years ago.  It was  the first week when I moved to LA.  I joined a band with a well known celebrity and a couple of other actors.  The next thing you know I'm doing headshots for them and everyone they knew.  Back then headshots were still in black and white and the digital camera revolution was in it's infancy.  You couldn't google what a headshot was suppose to be.  Such simpler times.  It has been a fun journey doing headshots in LA for so long.  I've seen then the evolution of the headshot.   I've also started thousands of actors careers.  The Headshot is the first step to a new path forward.  It can get you in the door   It can change your life forever.

Headshots Packages
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1 Click a Package and book a date and time that works best for you.  For outside backgrounds pick a time between 10am and 3pm.
2 After you purchase a package you will be sent a Preparation Checklist to Prepare for your photoshoot. It will include background choices, wardrobe instructions and a list of things to send me.

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